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Show the Love

It's not all about gifts, dinners, flowers and chocolate! We have some Valentine's Day stories that are unusual and heartwarming. They "Show the Love"! Read the stories and get ready to send us your own to enter our Valentine's Contest...scroll down!

1. Gambler's Story - from orphan to beloved family horse!

I was supposed to pick up my little palomino foal in April at this beautiful ranch in the Georgia mountains. He was all legs, blonde mane and golden coat "Gambler's Golden Sovereign", cute and feisty at the same time. I was daydreaming about raising this horse, trying to make it through a busy workday. I was anticipating Valentine's evening with my husband who had been cooking up a storm all day. I could hardly wait to get home, when I got the terrible news that Gambler's dam (horse mom) died of a sudden bout of colic. It was a painful and tragic death - and left an orphaned foal. When my husband saw how distraught I was he immediately changed plans. He drove me to the farm, three hours away, with our horse trailer in tow. We took Gambler home the next morning and he has been our beloved family horse ever since. He is now 15 years old, our granddaughter loves and rides him too. I still tear up when I think back to that Valentine's Day!

2. A Frozen Heart - from sinking to singing heart

I couldn’t get off work, I had the nightshift working at the hospital in the emergency room. My boyfriend and I both decided to just celebrate the next night, no big deal, such is life. My heart was sinking that day, however, I felt so sad, as he hadn’t even sent me a happy Valentine’s Day text or called me. It was early in the morning when I walked out to my car and my heart went from sinking to singing. He had drawn a heart in the frozen windshield, and when I opened the door the seats were filled with candy, chocolate and stuffed animals. There was even a red rose on the steering wheel … which was frozen solid because we live in freezing Alaska. It was beautiful."

3. Valentine's Baby Boy - Birthday: February 14th

Yes, that's right, according to researchers, more babies are born on Valentine's Day than the days before and after. And that was the case for my son! I was working my UPS route, a terribly long day, delivering roses and boxes of chocolate like Santa Claus on Valentine's Day, when I received the beep on my pager...(for all millennials: a pager is the predecessor of the cell phone)..."WATER BROKE"! Now there are not many reasons for me to bring my load back to the center, and I didn't even do that, I went straight home to rush my wife to the hospital. Talk about a wild ride! We barely made it to the delivery room, and there he was. His toddler of a sister suddenly had a life "doll" to play with and to this day we talk about our son's Valentine's Birthday.

To pariticipate, please enter "Valentine's Story" in the subject line or your email and send it to:

Write your story, add a picture and it's easy, you are entered into the contest. We will choose the most heartwarming, funny or romantic story to be published in our March newsletter and blog! The winner gets a weekend getaway!

Excluding Holidays

Deadline 2/20/2021


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Feb 05, 2021

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