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Frequently asked

Access Card

In the summer (May to end of September) it will provide access to the amenities that are managed by the POA, such as the Country Club pool and tennis courts, the Recreation Center pool and basketball court and the main beach on East Isleway Court. Please click the link below for hours of opeation. The card is available at the front desk during office hours for a $50 refundable deposit.

Recreation Center pool

Calling in guests

Once you are checked in and have a guest coming later, you will have to call them in the gate the day of your guest's arrival. The number to the gate is 770-834-4357 opt. 3! Please start by saying you are in timeshare unit #...., then your name, then your guest name. The gate will issue a guest pass for the day. Your can get a pass for a longer duration at the front desk. We cannot call in guests for you though!

Fairfield main entrance

How many restaurants are on site

Dockside Marina Bar and Grill is in walking distance to all units and open from noon to 10pm. The Country Club is about 2 miles away and has varying hours. Please click on the link for all restaurant information.

Dockside Marina

Do you provide transportation?

We are in the middle of beautiful country, 45 minutes West of Atlanta and our condos are nestled in a 2,500 private, gated community. You definitely need a car to get around and we do not provide transportation.

View of Treasure lake

Where is the Resort Pool located

The resort pool is open from May until October, located at Ilex Court and managed by our office and staff. It is one of 3 pools available for resort guests only. You gain access with your room key. The other pools are shared with the community at the Country Club and Recreation Center and require the access card available at the front desk for a $50 refundable deposit.

Resort Pool

How does housekeeping work

Our vacation rental units are handled like individually owned condos and are cleaned at the end of the guest's stay. A starter kit is provided with toilet paper and towels, dish soap, laundry detergent and a pack of coffee. Please bring all extra supplies and toiletries for multiple day vacations. If you forgot something we have several stores nearby. There is a Dollar General 6 minutes away out the back gate. Click the image for directions.

Publix store

What is there to do?

During summer season there is so much to do in our lakeside resort, and it's all about the pools and beach. Year-round there are many parks for hiking, biking, horseback riding, zip lining and rafting. Check it out....


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