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How Thanksgiving is celebrated abroad

Thanksgiving is a Holiday unique to America, it began in 1621 when 50 colonists and roughly 90 Wampanoag tribesmen attended the "First Thanksgiving." A feast that lasted three days. Almost four centuries later...have you ever wondered how Americans celebrate Thanksging overseas?

Getting friends and family together should be a many countries though, turkeys are not readily available, and you would have to order it weeks in advance when living abroad. Same goes for other delicacies, such as cranberry sauce. In Nepal one person posted on Facebook that he paid $60 for a small bird. And then there are those living overseas who adapt to their environment. Instead of turkey, why not kielbasa? Instead of ham, how about some Nem Nuong Xa in Vietnam? And how about the stuffing when opting for turkey? Nope! Many Americans living overseas like to use ingredients, spices and recipes native to the country they are now living in, such as grapes, pears and apples to stuff a turkey, and lingonberry in place of cranberry.

Thank goodness for modern technology! Many overseas residents use Skype or Facetime with family and friends. It’s the next best thing to being together.

One of the humble things ex-Pats do is give of themselves! They enjoy volunteering or organizing to feed those in need on our Thanksgiving as their way of giving back.

You don’t need to actually live overseas to experience what it’s like to celebrate Thanksgiving away from home. Many of you have made the decision to vacation internationally or in another US state during Thanksgiving break and found the experience rewarding. Go to our Accommodations page to book your home away from home.


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