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Robert and


True and Meaningful Love

My story is one of finding something that I have never realized in the last 75 years of my life --TRUE AND MEANINGFUL LOVE! Let me set the stage: I have been single for more than 12 years and not extremely interested in finding a love in my life other than my kids and grandchildren. December 2019 I was introduced by a friend to Flaviana. However, there was a problem. Flaviana is a beautiful Asian supposedly 15 years younger. We communicated via chat and occasional phone calls, but I was FEARFUL. I was fearful because of three things: she was not of my culture, I was selling my home, planning on retiring to Georgia near my two grandsons, and I have terminal cancer.

The perfect

Love Story

My God, I am falling in love...

After six months of stalling, I finally ask Flaviana out on a date. We drove to my favorite spot overlooking Lake Erie and Downtown Cleveland. The date only lasted two hours but two things jumped out at me: her contagious smile and an incredibly positive mental attitude. Wow, I am in deep trouble because I recognized that our cultural differences were nothing and she was an absolute lovely person. We planned a date for the next day and my fears heightened to a new level. I picked her up and told her that I had to go to Georgia for two weeks leaving in a few hours. THIS WAS A LIE as I just wasn't sure what to do and I needed time to consider WHATIF! Two weeks later we visited a local winery where we devoted four hours of dancing, sipping wine and dancing. My God I am falling in love with Flaviana.


Right here

The best years to come!

During the next month I booked a six month stay at Fairfield Plantation with plans to retire and purchase a home in Sun City Georgia. My home was sold, and I sold most of my belongings. "Come September" I packed my car to begin my new life in Georgia with one hitch I was beginning to miss the lady in my dreams. I invited Flaviana to join me at Fairfield Plantation during the last three weeks of September. Those three weeks changed my life. I realized what Flaviana meant to me and the togetherness that we shared. I asked her to marry me with a two-year plan to buy a home on the water at Fairfield Plantation. I must remind myself that Flaviana is a special lady who brings more to my life than I would ever expect. Regardless how many years we can spend together, I am convinced these will be the best years of my life!

The Proposal

This Valentine's Eve, Robert asked Flaviana to marry him for a perfect beginning. Look at the gorgeous ring! 

She said "YES" and the wedding date is set for

October 2nd, 2021!

What a wonderful love story!

Robert and Flaviana won a getaway here at

Fairfield Plantation!

And they are going to stay with us sometime in March!

Congratulations to these


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